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Comparison of The Best Online Marketplace for Handmade Stuffs

Do you have a craft business and still confuse choosing the right platform to sell your products? There are bunches of online marketplace that you can choose, from Amazon, eBay, to Etsy. To help you, we have some comparisons and basic information between those marketplaces.


  • Audience

It has over 250 million customers worldwide. But, not everyone who visits Amazon is specifically looking for handmade stuffs

  • Final sale fees

Amazon takes 15 percent of each sale

  • Payment options

It accepts variety different payments from credit or debit cards, checking accounts, Amazon points, Amazon gift cards, to COD.


  • Audience

It has 162 million active users and grows every year. Same like Amazon, not all of those users are interested in purchasing handmade crafts. In eBay, some active users interested in selling rather than buying products.

  • Final sale fees

eBay charges 10 percent of the total amount of the sale

  • Payment options

Sellers can choose PayPal and credit or debit cards.


  • Audience

Etsy has 24 million active buyers but it grows every year. Etsy is a great marketplace for handmade crafts because the shoppers in here are interested in handmade products rather than other goods.

  • Final sale fees

Etsy charges only a 3.5 percent transaction fee on every sale. Sellers can pay the fees once per month

  • Payment options

Sellers can choose PayPal, credit cards, Apple Pay, and Etsy gift cards.

From those information and comparison, you know what’s marketplace that belongs to your handmade products. Happy selling!

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